Thank you for keeping me company while I drink my morning coffee, Mitlé. I’m in awe of everything you’re moving through and nurturing.

And I’m glad you included the peri-menopause bit! I recently started taking Women’s MenoCap capsules from Wise Women Herbals and have noticed some symptoms leveling out (but not the hair loss, at least so far). Sending love your way from across the pond. 💛

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A wonderful read as always Mitlé 💜 I particularly loved the section on sacred activism and the Way of Love and Rage. I will definitely explore more, thank you. And your lived example and your deep love of rivers was so inspiring to read. 🙏

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Dear Mitle, I love the inclusion on what’s enraging you, nourishing you ... I’m reflecting for myself that I’m often enraged by continued report of news on the sexual abuse of minors.

I realise that having been in the job, I did not speak publicly about my views. Now I’m beginning to share lightly, by reposting a story and sharing my feelings.

Going deeper beneath this... is my love to hold space for children’s voices. To represent. To stand up for. Especially when parents and caregivers dont. Over time I loved holding space for the child within the parent too.

A child will only disclose when they feel safe, someone they can trust - although we do need to take action to safeguard the child’s safety. And if we go deeper than that, it points to personal experiences around abuse.

I admire your activism. I feel like I don’t know how to be an activist, much less have the language for it. Im glad that I can express this here 💛✨

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