Welcome. I’m Mitlé

I believe that the practice of gathering in Circles, or Circling, is vital in these times of collective uncertainty and transition.

I see the potential of Circles to provide us with an equitable, restorative and regenerative way of inspiring and creating connection and co-operation between humans.

Drawing on my former professional experience as a litigation and compliance lawyer, my training and working experience as a Culinary Nutrition Expert, Intuitive Guide and Inspired EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, my journey through PTSD, depression and anxiety, my daily dialogue with chronic pain and peri-menopause, together with my ongoing studies in the ancient history of the British Isles, Celtic myth, tradition and spirituality, folklore and fairytales, and my own animist and embodied intuitive practices, I seek to explore how we can reimagine this ancient tradition as medicine for our times.

My current guiding questions are:

  • How can Circles contribute to fracturing the systems that uphold oppression and harm?

  • How can Circles offer spaces of sanctuary and rebellion?

  • What does it mean to be a Circle Holder in these revolutionary times?

I offer courses, classes and circles through Circle School.


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Mitlé Southey
Co-creating a modern movement of Women's Circles rooted in the Circle Holder's ancestral wisdom traditions and cultural heritage, whilst reimagining them as a vital practice in these times of collective uncertainty.