I’m Mitlé, a Circle Holder, devoted to preserving the sacred tradition of Sharing Circles while reimagining their contribution to these (r)evolutionary times.

As we navigate collective uncertainty and transition, the practice of gathering in Sharing Circles—Circling—becomes our compass, our sanctuary, and our rebellion.

With a decade in business and Circle Holding, international teaching, collaborations, podcasts, and conference experience, I guide wellbeing practitioners in curating and holding distinctive, enriching sharing circles (that contribute to their business in a meaningful way!).

My approach has organically evolved through self-discovery, teaching and supporting my clients. I'm not here to teach cookie-cutter circle plans; I support wellbeing practitioners to craft their own meaningful, enriching and enlivening circles that fill with participants who align with what you stand for. 

In a world marked by uncertainty, injustice, grief, and trauma, Circles offer potent medicine for us and our communities and clients.

Together, we meet and tend to social and environmental challenges, weaving threads of healing through intentional gathering. 

My current guiding questions are:

  • How can Circles contribute to fracturing the systems that uphold oppression and harm?

  • How can Circles offer spaces of sanctuary and rebellion?

  • What does it mean to be a Circle Holder in these (r)evolutionary times?

  • How can I dare to flourish at this moment in the world’s story?

Alongside podcasting, writing and mentoring, I host The Grove, an online membership programme for Circle Holders that offers a space of sanctuary and rebellion for all that we are. It is where we feel supported personally and collectively to walk our path of contribution with intention, generosity and humility. 


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Mitlé Southey

Advocate for sharing Circles as collective care and sacred activism in (r)evolutionary times.